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Annoying security guards!!  
06:20pm 21/08/2006
Suzumiya Haruhi!!!
Hmph. Well, after geting busted by the police two weeks ago for "trespassing" I've just been hanging around Cerulean being DEAD BORED. I haven't been writing in this journal because it's sooo tedious but by now I'd do anything to occupy my time!

There is absolutely nothing in this city! I've tried heading south to Saffron (I hear that the trainers at the Gym there are psychics!), but the stupid security guard won't let me through the gates! >:( I tried blackmailing him, but it didn't work. I'll have to get more dirt on him and try again.

So I've just been wandering around this city looking for interesting stuff, but there ISN'T any. I've asked around, too, and none of these worthless people have any useful information! Somebody must know something about interesting Pokemon!
mood: frustratedfrustrated
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Filtered from police  
09:31pm 09/08/2006
Suzumiya Haruhi!!!
Clearly the police are part of a secret organization bent on keeping the public oblivious to the truth about the legends of our world!
location: Cerulean City
mood: aggravatedaggravated
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(no subject)  
06:14pm 08/08/2006
Suzumiya Haruhi!!!

So I heard that Clefairies supposedly came from the moon, so I figured that I'd check them out over at Mt. Moon and maybe I'd find some fun enough for me to capture. But then I got all the way there, and of the few Clefaries that I was able to find, they were all totally BORING! There was nothing interesting or abnormal about them at all; they just seemed like completely normal Pokemon!

I also heard that there were these magical Moon Stone things over there, but all the rocks there looked like... well, rocks! You'd think that magical stones would be shiny and colorful and emanate a surreal power and be untouchable by anyone unworthy of weilding such power!

Grr, I'm so pissed! Why can't I find anything interesting?

I'm not sure where I should go next... Oh! Isn't Cerulean Cave nearby? I heard that that's where Mewtwo is!! Okay, I'm going to check it out!
location: Route 4
mood: pissed offpissed off
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